Most of my work these days is geared towards 360 VR video production and looking at different ways to move the cameras without causing nausea for the viewer.    Jaunt,  Z Cam,  Nokia, GoPro are just some of the many choices for 360 VR video capture.



Tourism and Cultural projects are important aspects of my work.  Telling stories with VR video about museums is an avenue of exploration that has great potential.  Many of the museums I work with are excited about the VR content possibilities for video.   Event coverage,  education and marketing videos are just some of the topics we are exploring.













Architecture and the use of VR video has occurred quickly. Over the last few years Architects nationwide have started to preview their work using Head Mounted Displays.  Inexpensive to do, immensely useful with a modest learning curve this VR revolution is stating to extend into project storytelling.


With the latest VR cameras telling stories about the built environment has reached a new benchmark of production ease.  While the post production remains challenging,  traveling and shooting has gotten much more friendly.


Work in Progress.   One of my ideas on the timeline today.