Scottsdale Forensic Crime Laboratory and Police Evidence facility  is one of the most advanced forensic laboratories in the state of ArizonaCost effective capture of Facilities Architecture typically involves a combination of video and still photography. A Healthcare shoot may have a video dolly shot in a Public Access area but still High Dynamic Range images of Patient Rooms.


For  5 years I have devoted my free time to creating video techniques for capturing  Architecture & Interior Design projects. Quality shooting techniques that travel well are the basis of my work.


Barrow is an internationally renowned medical center for brain and spine diseases.  Patient Room in new TowerWhile video production tends to be a team sport, my goal is to create as small a team as possible.  Not always easy but often times necessary for many B2B Productions.

This is an old video but I always liked the the Time-Lapse sequences.  If I did it again, I would probably use GoPros with custom lens configurations.