Facilities Fusion

Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Office, Education

If you have made it to this section of my visual endeavors you will undoubtedly have noticed that I create photos & videos of Facilities of all kinds. I have worked on over 100 Healthcare projects over the last 20 years but have shot Nuclear Waste Repositories as well as Intel Production Facilities.  My experience is diverse.


The visual stories I create with still and video say something about a specific place.  How, What and Why are questions I ask myself and others before Production begins. This fusion of work revolves around 4 cameras.  The Canon C300/C100, 5D3 and the GoPro.


Advertising and Marketing imaging today requires a diverse list of capabilities.  Being able to capture stills for publication as well as excellent Broadcast quality video is the essence of my work today.

Time-lapse shot years ago with a few Canons & GoPros

TimeLapse & HyperLapse

SmithGroupJJR still and video photo shoot.  This was really fun to shoot with panoramas,  dollies and slider moves galore.

The importance of these two techniques to tell a story about a structure and how people use it can't be understated.  Having spent a lot of time with this style of shooting I see more and more uses everyday.


While there are many different approaches being used ultimately I believe the GoPro will be the capture device of preference.  Currently the camera has many drawbacks for Lapse use.  It's still poor in low light for instance compared to any DSLR and exposure control is lacking.  Nevertheless I see these problems being non issues in a few years.  The future for action cameras and TimeLapse are bright.


The Scottsdale Library video on this page uses Canon DSLRs and older GoPros v2s.

Video and Fluorescent Lighting

Shooting under fluorescents was always a pain with film.  While easier with digital shooting indoors anything with a ballast that cycles either at 50 or 60 Hz can cause flicker problems.  Being out of sync with shutter angle/shutter speed combination can cause major headaches in Post.


I have found CMOS cameras are very sensitive to flicker in video footage.   In an office available light environment using a 180 shutter can be a problem or not.  I point the camera at the lights and stop down and send it to a monitor for review.  So far this has worked pretty well but shooting at 23.98 seems to cause more problems than 29.97.  Changing the shutter angle to 144 can help on some cameras.   Testing on site seems the only solution.


Getting good video color reproduction in interiors under fluorescent lighting is bit more complicated than shooting stills.  Aging ballasts also contribute to the complexity of shooting video.


The Retail 30 second test on the right examines color under 4 different light sources and 6400 ISO High Dynamic Range Video using the Canon 5D3.

Another early GoPro version 1 shoot.  The 3+ today is great for grab shots walking down the street.  Add a LUT in Post and everything seems possible.

Dolly on Hand Railing using Magic Lantern Hack for 5D

The initial Visitor Center video above was shot with an early GoPro Hero and a Phone.   I was looking for before footage so the edit had lots of B roll available.